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training for student groups

The Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU offers free training to student services and groups across campus. The goal of delivering this training is to create discussion on the spaces that we create on campus regarding body image and eating disorders. Further, we provide training on active listening and providing peer support – if this is something of interest to your organization. 

Our training touches on topics such as normalized behaviour of diet and workout culture, barriers to accessing support, marginalized communities and eating disorders, harm reduction, eating disorders as a coping mechanism, and more. In the past, we have trained sororities, peer support groups, and floor fellows. The content of training is flexible and tailored to the wants and needs of whoever is requesting it. 

A conversation with a representative from the external organization can help clarify the purpose of the training; what they had in mind and why who the audience would be, what topics they would like covered and what topics the centre would recommend covering, and any other logistics. 

Fill out the form below to request training for your student group. We will be in contact soon!

If you know a group or organization that could benefit from our trainings and values, please visit the contact us page and fill out the external feedback form linked there.