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Administrative Branch

Kira Brunner


General Coordinator

As General Coordinator, Kira oversees everything within the EDCSSMU. She is the liaison between the Centre, SSMU, and McGill, and runs the Executive Committee which includes the Coordinators and Managers.

Elaine Xiao


Internal Coordinator

Elaine runs the Centre’s internal communication. She maintains the organization of the centre by taking minutes at meetings, distributing relevant documents, and arranging room bookings.

Ivy Salloum


Administrative Coordinator

Ivy helps out with administrative tasks throughout the Centre, keeps track of ongoing projects, and conducts ongoing assessments of the Centre’s performance.

John Meeks


Recruitment Coordinator

John runs the recruitment of coordinators and volunteers within the Centre. He also is the acting ombudsperson for coordinators and manages issues related to members of the administrative team.

Adam Sheeraz


Finance Coordinator

Adam coordinates financial transactions between the Centre and SSMU and maintains funding for the Centre’s programming and services. He also heads fundraising.

Support Branch

Anahat Ghuman


Volunteer Coordinator

Anahat runs the recruitment of new volunteers and supports them in their positions. She ensures all events have peer-supporters on hand and works to expand our support services.

Sophie Dawang


Support Manager

Sophie sets up the matches in our Peer-to-Peer connections platform, oversees the forum conversations, supports forum volunteers in their role, and provides tech support when needed.

Training Coordinators

Megan Kuo


Atreyu Lewis


Natasha Kamara


Together, Megan, Natasha, and Atreyu coordinate the development of training materials for Centre. They provide training that is centre-specific and anti-oppressive for staff and volunteers, and arrange for external training for volunteers when appropriate. Moreover, they create, update, and deliver trainings and workshops about diet culture, eating disorders, and workout culture to the McGill community, as well as facilitate public events and provide direct trainings/workshops to specific communities and services on campus.

Communications Branch

French Translator

Suzanne translates translate all materials of the EDCSSMU to French. She ensures that all translated content is inclusive, non judgemental, anti-ableist, anti-racist and anti-colonialist, fat- and body-positive, and queer- and trans-positive.

Suzanne Puymoyen


Ashley Cenci


Communications Coordinator

Ashley runs our Blog, social media, and website. They head advertising for services and creates content – including the Zine.

Events and Campaign Coordinators

Jiyeon and Tamaya run all events at the Centre, as well as Eating Disorder Awareness Week in January. They source speakers with wide ranges of experience to provide a holistic view of eating disorders, and head the Zine every year.


Jiyeon In


Tamaya Savage



Yuvika Dandiwal


The Campaign Coordinator works with our General Coordinator to head our advocacy work, including applying for grant funding and campaigning student unions like SSMU to bring our services to as many people as possible.