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Interested in volunteering or working with us?

There are many roles available here at the Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU depending on your interests!


If you’re interested in helping the EDRSC develop our visual brand, gain a following on campus and educate folks on disordered eating, this could be a great position for you!

Tasks involved:

  • researching for educational Instagram posts
  • writing and editing blog posts 
  • writing social copy 
  • creating social media graphics 
Total hours required: 1-2 hours/week

Communications volunteer applications are currently closed.


If you’re interested in event planning for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Mental Health/Illness Awareness Series, fundraising, and are passionate about helping the cause of eating disorders and disordered eating, this might be a great position for you! 

Tasks involved: 

  • leading events (comfortable in public speaking) 
  • organizing and planning event content 
  • outreaching to external speakers 
  • fundraising
  • interviewing speakers
  • advertising

Event meetings occur once a week.

Total hours required: 2-3 hours/week 

Events volunteer applications are currently closed.


If you’re interested in helping us provide services, including support groups and drop-ins, and are passionate about mental health and peer support, this could be a great position for you! 

Tasks involved: 

  • facilitating support groups (virtual)
  • match and chat with users on our online forum
  • facilitating drop-in hours
  • assisting with other possible in-person services (COVID dependent)
Total hours required: 2-4 hours/week depending on the projects you’d like to be involved with!

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Come work with us! We’ll update here with any open job oppurtunites.